The Set Up


A symmetrical room with your guests surrounding a centrally located dance floor creates a centerpiece and focal point. Your guests will be able to see and hear every memorable moment without feeling like they are miles away from the action. We call this staging, and how it's chosen is very important to how connected your guests will feel during your reception.

I have been fortunate to have worked at many wonderful venues since 1997. There have been some great ones along the way, but some of the best are in this list because of how their layouts meet what has been described on this page.

Elegant & Clean Presentation

Equally important to how the room is staged; sound and lighting are two important elements that should never be ignored. First and foremost, the entertainer you choose is most important. And if the entertainer you choose also has a way to sonically and aesthetically compliment the room with his sound system, your wedding day experience will be even more remarkable. 

As you and your spouse make your Grand Entrance into the room, wouldn't it be wonderful to barely notice where the beautiful music is coming from, only to feel the ambiance in the room that is very inviting and warm? 

I use the Bose L1 system, which is an acoustically matched sound system, that will create the perfect backdrop of mood and tone, guaranteeing that your guests will hear everything being said that evening from my first words to greet them, to the toasts/speeches, to the dance music that plays and takes us into the night! When the dancing begins, I will wash the dance floor with color to create a dancing environment that is irresistible to your guests.