Caterer is a no show for the wedding!

I arrived at the wedding and begin introducing myself to the people in the room. The bride hears me from the bathroom where she is getting her hair done and calls me in (no worries, she’s decent!) to tell me that her caterer canceled on her the night before. I was in shock. He left her a message that Friday evening claiming he had swine flu. Horrible situation and I hope the best for him and his family and that they got though it and were cured quickly.

What burns me up however is the lack of a backup plan and the blatant disregard for her situation. My questions to the caterer are simply: One, why not call the bride on Tuesday, four days before the wedding to let her know that he had swine flu? Why wait until the day before to spring something so important on his customer. And two, why didn't he have a back up plan? Who, in their right mind, has a business without a plan b? With four days from the wedding, there would have been plenty of time to find another caterer to cover for him, or at least give the bride a head start to find someone herself.

If you were to hire me for your wedding and something happened where I wasn’t able to be there, I have local and out of state DJs that I trust and that would cover the event for me. A short list of DJs that I trust to do a fabulous job. I would go as far as flying one in if necessary. Thankfully since I began my business in 1997, I’ve never missed a wedding. I have been under the weather at a few, but put on a smile and sucked it up!

Bottom line: If you are a business owner, have a back up plan, someone you can call on to help you out when life throws you a curve ball. Don’t leave the bride hanging on the most important day of her life. I’m amazed at how calm and collected she was that bright and sunny Saturday afternoon.

There's always light at the end of the tunnel

The couple had a guest in from out of town that was a restaurant owner. When she got the word that the caterer canceled, she hustled to the store early in the morning, bought the food needed, and started preparing everything at 11am (4 hours before it was needed to be at the venue). Neighbors donated their ovens to bake all the food as it was being made and we applauded the baker and those who donated their ovens at the reception. It was successful night and everything turned out great!

The lesson learned...hiring a professsional is extremely'll never know what you will get, until you DON'T get it!

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