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    Setting the Stage

    Optimum Room Set Up

    Are you enhancing the experience of your guests, or hindering it? Let's discuss....A symmetrical room with your guests...  Read More...

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    Dance Floor

    What Size is Best for My Event?

    I was recently asked by one of my grooms what my opinion was of the size of dance floor they should lay down in their reception...  Read More...

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    The Ever-dreaded Last Call

    To Do or Not To Do

    Unfortunately, every great party has to come to an end at some point. And typically, other than a house party, most venues...  Read More...

  • Vendor Spotlight

    Kelly Ledford of Cinci Makeup

    Kelly is the owner of Cinci Makeup. A team of on-location makeup artists led by Kelly Ledford Neaves in Cincinnati, Ohio...  Read More...

  • Vendor Spotlight - Jean Neuhart of Weddings from the Heart

    1.) When did you get started in the wedding business and how did you go about doing that? You could say I got the "spark" way back when my husband Rob and I were married in 1988. We planned our wedding mostly during lunch breaks, as many vendors were closed by the time we got off of work, and we were working crazy hours.  Read More...

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